Life as one of the “Secret Princes” is hard enough without another noble guy showing up to steal all of the attention. In this exclusive sneak peek from the upcoming episode, Prince Lorenzo deals with this problem head-on when Lord Rob comes to visit.

As any fan of “Secret Princes” knows all too well, Lord Rob was one of the Season 1 princes — and he’s a rather attractive and charming fellow. He’s really not the guy you want to have as competition for a woman’s attention.

But is Lorenzo’s edict going to have the desired effect? As the clip shows, the other princes mostly seem a little bit annoyed (and amused) instead of supportive.

Maybe Lorenzo should just force Rob to say the Prince’s full name if he wants to talk to a woman? That would probably be far more effective, since no one is ever going to achieve that feat.

What else happens in the episode? Well, the big event is that the four royals are forced to find a new house and decide to christen the place with a pool party, featuring many beautiful ladies. Find out how that works when “Secret Princes” airs Friday, Nov. 8 at 10 p.m. on TLC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown