The Dish Rag caught up with Kirk Acevedo who plays Charlie Francis on "Fringe."

First, we wanted to know about the mythical beast who attacks him on the show tonight.

KA: It was like the mythological creature, the Griffin that was sort of genetically created again.  And basically, John Noble’s character was the one who created – there is some guilt there – Charlie gets attacked by this creature from behind, and it sort of impregnates him with slower versions of the mother.

Can you tell us about John Noble's character Walter's role in the mythology of the whole series?

KA: Towards the end and the last two episodes, you learn more about the mythology of the show and where it’s going and you get to meet William Bell, the founder of Massive Dynamic, which is going to be played by Leonard Nimoy.  You learn what the impending war is going to be and all that good stuff.
Anna’s (Torv) character is the one who meets the actual William Bell from Massive Dynamics.  And you definitely learn more about Anna’s character towards the last two episodes also and what happens.  She has a big defining moment at the end also.

Have you got any good guests coming on the show?

KA: You know what's so funny, because like whenever we have a surprise guest or someone like that, they're more – like we find out like the day we’re shooting. Everything is kept so hush-hush.  So they never really tell us things on our end.

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We meet your wife tonight. And she happens to be Kiersten Warren, your real-life wife. How did all this come about?

KA: Well, when I found out that I’m gonna have a wife, as opposed to working with an actress that you have no chemistry with, why not work with someone you do have a chemistry with? You know, I mentioned my wife, and they saw a tape on her, and they loved the idea, and that’s how it all came to fruition.

And how was it working together?

KA: It’s good.  As long as it was lighthearted and wasn’t anything serious or heavy and emotional … like I couldn’t imagine doing like "Redemption Road" [we're pretty sure he means "Revolutionary Road"] with my wife. It’s just too much.  It should be fun with your significant other.  It was totally fun.

Will we see more of Kiersten, or was she just on for this one episode?

KA: I’m sure there might be other episodes in the second season that she’ll appear in.  You know, it’s really hard for the show – they always – they have like contingency like that it’s to be recurring, even if you die. There is cloning, and there is all this weird, you know, pseudo science going on.  So anything is possible. 

You're a big sci-fi geek, right?

KA: "The only two shows that I've ever watched every episode of are "X Files" and "Lost."  And you know, to be part of that genre, and then a show that I would watch on TV, you know, because I’m a sci-fi geek, you know, I jumped at the opportunity."

How is "Lost" different from "Fringe"?

KA: "Lost" is a character-driven show.  So ultimately our shows tend to be more – what's the word I’m looking for? – procedural.  So the show sort of wraps itself up every hour.  But it does lead to the bigger mythology of the show, you know, throughout each episode.  "X-Files" is like the perfect example, where you know, you could watch an episode of the "X-Files" on its own and you kind of got the gist of it, you got a story every week, but that led to a bigger thing, of him finding his sister, you know.  The skepticism of his partner.  Our show is pretty much the same way, where it wraps itself up every hour. So it’s easier to follow. It’s got like a clue every week.

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Reporting: Sal Morgan

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead