This episode of Kyle XY masqueraded as an episode of Scooby-Doo, the cartoon the characters were making fun of at one point. All I have to say is, "Zoinks!" Quite a lot of upheaval occurred, with almost everyone learning a lesson or changed after the day’s events.

Spoilers ahead!!

First of all Lori seems to have reverted to her snotty, bratty persona as a plot device to get the gang to the woods where Prof. Kern was killed and thus right outside the drainage pipe leading into the now defunct Zzyzx. Four beers later, Lori has wandered into said drainage pipe which causes Kyle and Declan, then later Jessi and Amanda to make their way there all armed with flashlights so they can peer around corners and watch out for Old Man Withers or the Harlem Globetrotters.

Let’s begin with our hero, who had a falling out with Tom Foss earlier. Kyle’s suspicions about Foss’ part in Lori’s attack coupled with the Adam Baylin message from the grave not to trust Foss makes him, well, not trust Foss. As Kyle wanders the maze of Zzyzx, however, he starts seeing ghostly images of events past. It turns out that while he was in the pod, he actually downloaded all of Zzyzx’s data — including its security footage. Thus, these aren’t ghosts or memories, these are actual recordings of events as they transpired.

What does Kyle learn from this replay? Lesson No. 1: He really can trust Foss, who saved his life when evil Prof. Kern was going to destroy "the subject," aka Kyle. Lesson No. 2: Brian Taylor (remember him?) was a turncoat and most likely betrayed Baylin at the very end.

In the meantime, the newly reprogrammed Jessi is now fixated on Kyle. Her interest gets sidetracked, however, when she too wanders into the tunnels and experiences her own personal flashbacks (no security replay for her since she didn’t get that data). As usual, her confusion causes upheaval around her, making the ground start to spew methane gas, leaving Kyle to save her. Her lesson: When Kyle touches her hand, she no longer feels alone. Okay, I got a bit more sympathy for her this time, but not enough to really care.

Oh, and Jessi’s interest in Kyle temporarily makes Amanda emerge from her usual "Ablanda" status when she grows a pair. "Kyle is with me," she informs Jessi. "Kyle doesn’t go for the emotionally tortured types." Not only that, but Amanda sneaks her second kiss in when she performs CPR on a passed out Kyle. Amanda’s lesson: Stand by your genetically enhanced man.

But here’s the biggest revelation for me. Clueless Josh is stuck out in the woods waiting with Andy and is all sorts of awkward since he just realized he likes her. You know, like likes her. Finally, at the count of three, both of them agree to say what’s on their minds. He admits he likes her, and Andy — she has cancer. What?!? I really hope this doesn’t turn into an afterschool special. I mean, why did this have to happen to the coolest character on the show? She better get treatment and go into remission.

Anyway, so Josh learns that not everything is about him, and Andy learns about his tragic crush. Lori learns that she has to face her fears and listen to Kyle, not drown them in brewskis. And Declan? Well, after Jessi’s defection on the romance front, Lori promises to teach him "the healing power of song." Nice.

A few other nice moments:

– Josh to Andy about Scooby-Doo: "You’re Velma, with a Daphne overlay."
Andy to Josh about his lame attempts at starting a fire: "I thought you’d be better at rubbing wood." Honestly, this show is so good at sneaking in the naughty humor.
– Jessi to Amanda: "Are you a natural blonde? I hear blondes have more fun. Why else would [Kyle] like you. Does he like that you’re so good all the time?"
– Lori to herself in the dark Zzyzx tunnels: "Trager, stay cool … Please don’t be a crazy guy with an ax."
– Prof. Kern about Pod-Kyle’s refusal to run war scenarios: "It’s like saying my toaster has a conscience."
– Declan to Kyle after learning about his kiss with Amanda: "I thought I felt a weird morning after vibe."

What do you think about the latest revelations? What’s in the box? What does Andy’s cancer mean to the show?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen