himym slutty pumpkin1 See Katie Holmes as 'How I Met Your Mother's' Slutty PumpkinRobin (Cobie Smulders) asked the question way back in Season 1 of “How I Met Your Mother”: How do you make a Halloween pumpkin costume sexy?

Ted (Josh Radnor) gave the answer back then — strategic cutouts — and come Oct. 31, we’ll finally get to see what he was talking about. Behold the first pictures of Katie Holmes in her guest role as the Slutty Pumpkin (actual name Naomi).

As Ted explained way back when, he and the Pumpkin had a connection, but he lost her number, and he’s been on the lookout for her ever since (except for the times he was in relationships of his own). We as an audience only saw the Pumpkin from behind, but now we get to see why Ted was so entranced — although it looks like the actual pumpkin part of Naomi’s costume has deflated a little over the years.

Which, in fact, got us wondering: Is Holmes’ character the real Slutty Pumpkin? As you can see in the clip linked in the previous paragraph, the pumpkin costume from Season 1 was considerably rounder than the one Holmes is wearing. As continuity-obsessed as “How I Met Your Mother” can be, we’d hazard a (wild) guess that it’s not accidental.

Also? Ted is still rocking his 10-year-old hanging chad costume — which might now be so far out of the zeitgeist to qualify as kitsch.

Robin and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) also get in on the Halloween fun, she in the uniform of her beloved Vancouver Canucks and he as, we’re guessing, Apollo Creed from “Rocky” — which speaks to Barney’s tendency to root for the villain in most movies.

himym slutty pumpkin2 See Katie Holmes as 'How I Met Your Mother's' Slutty PumpkinThe Halloween episode of “How I Met Your Mother” airs Monday, Oct. 31 on CBS.

Posted by:Rick Porter