steve carrell seeking a friend 'Seeking a Friend's' Steve Carell recalls getting dumpedWhen word comes that an asteroid will ring in the apocalypse in his new movie, “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World,” Steve Carell gets dumped almost immediately by his wife, leaving him in search of a companion for the end of time.
The actor tells Zap2It at the red carpet premiere on Monday (June 18), he knows the feeling, recalling a road trip gone wrong many years ago.
“I went to visit my girlfriend at the time,” Carell remembers. “Drove with a buddy from Massachusetts to Illinois. Got there and figured out she was no longer my girlfriend. She’d already started dating somebody else. So, it was epic on the way and tragic coming back.”
Nowadays, of course, it would be hard to deny the star’s endearing charm and wit. In the film, opening in theaters on Friday (June 22), Carell finds a willing and beautiful ally in actress Keira Knightley, and they bond over their own road trip and most unusual final moments on Earth, living out what adventures they can in the weeks left. 
Says Carell, his own last days would be spent, eating “like a pig,” and fortunately, he’s all set when it comes to partnership in the advent of meteoric catastrophe.
“My wife for sure,” he says. “My wife [Nancy] and kids. That would be my little circle.” 
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