seinfeld crackle 320 'Seinfeld' comes to Crackle: Watch 'The Chinese Restaurant' and other episodesThis is not an April Fools’ joke: You can now watch “Seinfeld” in all its original, about-nothing glory at

The Sony-owned video site started streaming the classic sitcom on Friday (April 1) with the “10 most iconic” episodes of the show, including “The Chinese Restaurant,” “The Pick,” “The Bubble Boy” and more. (We’re not sure why “The Contest” isn’t in there, but that’s beside the point). Crackle will offer 10 new episodes each month.

It’s not the first time “Seinfeld” has been made available online; TBS also streams a handful of episodes at a time. TBS’ episodes, however, are the cut-down versions shown in syndication, whereas Crackle has the episodes as they originally aired.

For your Friday time-killing pleasure, here’s “The Chinese Restaurant”:

From Crackle: The Chinese Restaurant

Posted by:Rick Porter