community jason alexander guest star seinfeld gi 'Seinfeld' star Jason Alexander will appear on 'Community'

In the battle for the epic-est of epic sitcoms, most knowledgeable TV fans will mention both “Seinfeld” and “Community.” We are now going to get such epic-ness mixed together — “Seinfeld” star Jason Alexander will appear on an episode of “Community” Season 4.

Alexander, who co-starred as George Costanza on “Seinfeld,” announced the news via his Twitter feed on Wednesday (Dec. 4):

“Filming a crazy episode of COMMUNITY this week. Can’t say much about it but it’s a fun one.”

Neither Alexander nor the network mentioned the specific role he would play.

We can, however, make some guesses. “Community” fans up on their TV news know that the show’s co-star, Chevy Chase, abruptly exited the production with two episodes left in the season 4 shooting schedule. This means that Pierce Hawthorne will not be able to join the study group.

Or will he? “Community” has not said publicly how the show will address the absence in these episodes, leading to many wild theories. Considering how weird this show is, some have speculated that the role of Pierce will simply be recast with little or no explanation. In that case, Alexander could very easily play the part of Pierce Hawthorne.

An even crazier (and therefore totally plausible) theory would have the character of Pierce played by a succession of comedy actors. If we start seeing tweets from a whole bunch of classic TV comedians, we might need to suspect this theory could be the truth.

For now, however, we just get to speculate on Jason Alexander’s future “Community” role.

Posted by:Laurel Brown