daniel von bargen 'Seinfeld's' Daniel von Bargen survives suicide attempt: 'I've shot myself in the head'62-year-old acting veteran Daniel von Bargen, best known for his work as Mr. Kruger on “Seinfeld” and Commandant Spangler on “Malcolm in the Middle,” shot himself in the head on Monday morning and survived the suicide attempt.

TMZ has the audio of the subsequent 911 call, in which von Bargen tells the operator, “I’ve shot myself in the head … and I need help.” When asked whether the shooting was accidental, von Bargen tells the operator that he shot himself because he didn’t want to go to the hospital. He was supposed to have toes amputated due to a complication with his diabetes.

“I shot in my temple,” he tells the operator, going into graphic detail about his condition. When police arrived at the house, they secured von Bargen (telling him to keep his hands in the air) before he was treated.

Hopefully he’ll get some help and emerge from this.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie