justin bieber selena gomez laker rumor Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber break up rumors: She's still following him on TwitterCould Justin Bieber be single as he heads out on his “Believe” tour? Some reports say that he and girlfriend of close to a year and a half, Selena Gomez, have hit the breaks.

Alarm bells went off this weekend when Bieber failed to thank Gomez in his Billboard Awards acceptance speech, but since she was in Bulgaria shooting a movie — not in the audience — we give it a pass. (Not to mention, he won the award for having the most Twitter followers of any artist. There’s no reason to thank his girlfriend for helping him hit that particular milestone.)

Now, gossip sites have reported that Gomez unfollowed Biebs on Twitter. Of course, that would be a very public kiss-off — but it’s a false report! As of press time, Gomez is most certainly following Bieber, and there’s no evidence that she has ever unfollowed him. She certainly hasn’t done so in any recent months.

Our favorite rumor — because it’s so ridiculous — involves Gomez dumping Bieber because she heard he was hooking up with Rihanna. Unlikely, considering Bieber spent Sunday evening with Chris Brown. (Oh, the tangled web we weave.)

Long story short? Calm down, Jelena fans. There’s no reason to mourn your ‘ship… yet.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie