justin bieber sued lawsuit selena gomez dad Selena Gomez blocks Justin Bieber from texting her but still follows him on TwitterSo, like, did you hear that Selena totes blocked Justin from texting her? OMG.

In what sounds like the kind of gossip you hear between gym and your ninth grade geometry class, TMZ has announced that Selena Gomez spent all of yesterday blocking Justin Bieber from contacting her. All day. He can’t text her or call her.

Jelena fans, is all hope lost?

Luckily, she’s keeping things professional in public — as of Thursday afternoon, Selena is still following Justin on Twitter.

Looks like their NYC hotel rendezvous didn’t help these two crazy kids patch it up. TMZ also reports that their breakup “absolutely, positively” involved another woman, but they aren’t naming names.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie