The Internet is buzzing over a so-called “dangerous stunt” pulled by Selena Gomez at LAX airport in Los Angeles. It seems Justin Bieber‘s ex was being stalked through the terminal by a horde of paparazzi and a group of female fans from Brazil. 
When Selena made her way into a chauffeured SUV outside, her young fans still didn’t give up, knocking on the back passenger window as paparazzi swarmed the car. So, what did Gomez do? She let the girls into the back seat with her.
Selena’s bodyguard can be seen in paparazzi video trying to pull the girls out of the car as they plead, “We came from Brazil, Selena, please.” Gomez brushes off the bodyguard, the car door closes, and the entire group is whisked away, leaving the confused paparazzi to ask, “What the h***?”
TMZ posted the video and painted Selena’s move as a “dangerous stunt” in light of her past experience with death threats and a stalker. But, doesn’t this seem more like a down-to-earth celebrity, keeping it real with her fans?

Gomez’ rep let TMZ know Selena wanted to sign autographs but the paparazzi scene was too chaotic. Plus, she says the girls were dropped off at another nearby terminal. That sounds like a pretty unforgettable meet-and-greet.
Do you think Selena put herself in danger? Or is she just the coolest A-lister ever?

Posted by:mchance