As an emerging Hollywood powerhouse, Selena Gomez says she found creative motivation in the Olsen twins when she decided to create her own signature fragrance. The actress and musician, whose eponymous, berry-infused vanilla perfume hits Macy’s retailers in May, tells Zap2It that her latest entrepreneurial endeavor is not only an experiment in ingenuity, but a project inspired by the fashionable sisters.
“Every Christmas, I got Mary Kate and Ashley’s deluxe; you could smell like Mary Kate, or you could smell like Ashley,” she says. “It’s always been something I wanted to do.”
Gomez admits to having at least 20 fragrances at home and describes the process of concocting her own perfume as an intricate learning experience. Gomez began the venture by smelling all her options, then narrowed it down to 20 before turning to her fans for advice.

“We did something different that nobody’s really done before, and I had my fans be involved,” says Gomez. “So, we did a whole campaign online for months and my fans got to pick out and put things together, and we finally chose 12 [fans] from all over the world. They came to New York with me and we had three different bottles, and we smelled each of the fragrances together. They helped me create it.”

Now bottled up in a violet silhouette with gold and purple lips springing from its tip, it was the packaging, says the 19-year-old starlet, that was most difficult about devising her own perfume. 
“I wanted it to be tall,” she says. “I like the fact that it stands out because when I have my perfumes, I always go to the ones that are tallest in the morning. And the design of the bottle is almost like a gown in a way, so it represents me on the carpet. And the lips are fun. They’re youthful. You can play with it. I get bored and play with things.”
Gomez dismisses any potential rivalry between her and boyfriend Justin Bieber, who also released a fragrance recently, and says he’s merely one of her many muses.
She adds, “Everything I do is inspired by something, whether it’s him or my family or my fans.”
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