selena gomez hit the lights hollywood records Selena Gomez 'Hit the Lights' music video: Watch here!Despite Selena Gomez‘s stalker drama — not to mention the baby mama drama surrounding boyfriend Justin Bieber — the singer-actress found time to shoot a fun, happy video for her new single, “Hit the Lights.”

The clip finds Gomez in a sun-drenched field hanging out and jumping around with her friends. The singer tells MTV News, “This one’s saying that I’m at the point where I’m having fun with it. I’m not trying to be older. I’m not trying to be younger. I’m trying to explain where I’m at in my life, and I feel like that’s what describes it, and having fun with my friends and it was beautiful and it was simple. I thought it was nice.”
With neon clothes, sunglasses and watermelon, she also seems to be channeling summer — a nice reminder of those warmer months that have already passed us by this year.

“My favorite scene would probably be when me and my band and my dancers are in the back of the truck and we’re eating watermelon and we’re just hanging out,” she tells MTV. Check out the video below!

Posted by:Jean Bentley