serena williams super instagram Serena Williams, super hero or super sleeper?Serena Williams has probably been accused of having superpowers. After all, she’s one of the world’s top tennis players. But in a picture Williams posted to Instagram on Thursday (Dec. 15) she reveals what we’re assuming is her secret identity. Or just some really cute pajamas.

In the photo, Williams sports a onesie emblazoned with the Superman logo and topped off with a red cape. She’s poised for takeoff on what we can only assume is a flight to reverse the earth’s rotation in order to save Hoover dam or, you know, something.

Williams did address the mysterious get-up on Twitter, but didn’t really explain it:

“@jsmoll just asked me where I got my superman onzie,” she tweeted. “She said she wants to get it for her 5 year old nephew.. I need to rethink my lingerie.”

Nah, we think it’s just fine, Serena. Now your on-court outfits? Entirely different story.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson