Serendipity Sunday concludes, as I finish up a day looking at shows that I have either never seen or wouldn't ordinarily watch. Last up, Current TV's weekly media-roundup show "InfoMania."

The youth-oriented news channel — co-founded by self-proclaimed climate czar Al Gore — features a quick, snappy (some might say, ADD) style and a lot of user-generated content. I may not be in their core demographic, but I like a little zip in my giddyup, so here goes…

The impression: Way funnier than "Fox News Watch" (but then, so is dental surgery), very similar to but probably made for a smaller budget than VH1's "Best Week Ever" (which appears to have some actual physical components to its set, rather than full-on green screen), but not quite the lunacy — sometimes inspired, occasionally unhinged — of Fox News' nightly "RedEye w/Greg Gutfeld," "InfoMania" is clever, well-edited and entertaining.

I especially liked the Tech Report bit about the Facebook redesign.

But I will never forgive the show for making me watch Barbara Walters do sparkle fingers after singing the praises of her vibrator — just one of the myriad reasons I don't watch "The View."

But, because of "InfoMania," I now know there is a President Obama Chia Pet. So, if bankers won't take a haircut on mortgages, you can still give one to the POTUS.

The verdict, on a scale of stone cold to tepid to piping hot: Hot, but not quite piping.

Will I watch it again? Not making promises, but maybe.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare