Tonight's cuppa: Newhall Coffee Patriot Blend (with a little cinnamon added to the grounds)

One unintended consequence of our increasingly on-demand world is a downturn in serendipity — that little thrill of the unexpected that happens when you run across something cool or interesting totally by accident, often when you were searching for something else entirely.

After a certain point, when our Season Passes and series recordings are all filled up on the DVR, and the DVD shelf is loaded with our favorites, the odds of winding up watching a show just because it's there go down dramatically. We can plan our viewing day, but what are we missing?

Remember those days of flipping channels late at night, landing on bass fishing or a Korean soap opera or bull riding or a rerun of "Seven Days," watching for a few minutes and getting sucked into something that 17856_2585_m

you might never have watched intentionally?

It happened to me with the first season of Animal Planet's "Groomer Has It" (season two starts Saturday, April 11, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, and yes, I''ll be there). Click here for the proof.

In the interests of science, I've decided to inaugurate "Serendipity Sunday," a day in which I check out a bunch of shows I either haven't seen before or wouldn't normally watch. It could be a big success, or it could be the worst day of my life.

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Posted by:Kate O'Hare