reporter serene branson cbs 2 la grammys scruberthumbnail 2 Serene Branson: Reporter has stroke during live broadcast, speaks jibberishMonday’s viral video is really no laughing matter.

Los Angeles news reporter Serene Branson experienced a possible stroke while on the air during a live post-Grammy Awards broadcast from LA’s Staples Center on Sunday Night. Branson was on the scene for CBS 2 News, about to do a backstage segment, when her speech suddenly became slurred and indecipherable.

Branson tried to speak for about ten seconds, though she realized the words weren’t coming out properly. When it became evident that it wasn’t just a fumble, CBS cut to some pre-recorded Grammy coverage and Branson was checked out by an EMT.

Sudden difficulty with speech is one symptom of a stroke, so Branson was taken to a hospital.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie