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We have been fans of Lifetime’s “Seriously Funny Kids” since it presented the show at the Winter Press tour. An adult show that brings out the natural hilarity of kids using a wide array of interviews, hidden camera skits and strange predicaments would stand on its own. But, what really takes it up another notch is its host, “Project Runway’s” Heidi Klum.
“I did a show called, ‘I Get That A Lot,” and Heidi was on the show,” “Seriously Funny Kids” creator and executive producer Eric Schotz tells Zap2it. “We had her working in a pizza parlor. And her comic instincts were amazing. She’s hilarious and took great direction and added tremendous amounts to the piece.”
Schotz, who also worked on late-90s hit, “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” was developing an idea for the next generation of that show. So after working with Klum, he thought she would be great for the new show.
“I told her I had this great idea and I knew she would make it come to life,” he says. “And I knew she was looking to expand her horizons beyond being a model/host and going into the producing realm. So, I said, ‘This might be a good opportunity, because you have four kids all under the age of six. This might just fit right into your wheelhouse. She basically said, ‘I’ve never done this.’ And I said, ‘You do it every day. That’s what you do with four kids.'”
Schotz, who has raised three kids of his own, including a daughter who teaches a third grade class who he can bounce off ideas with, got it right with Klum.
“What I’m most surprised about is how easy they talk to Heidi,” he says. “She’s not that intimidating factor. She has this mom sensibility. It’s amazing. I mean these kids go right to her.”

seriously funny kids heidi klum lifetime 2 'Seriously Funny Kids' EP explains what makes Heidi Klum so hilarious

To illustrate Klum’s instant rapport with the kids on the show, Schotz tells us about a gag when Heidi steps out of her office and asks a young girl to cover the phones for her. When the phone rings, the little girl is asked to tell Heidi that she’s no longer on the best-dressed list.
“And this girl is protecting Heidi,” he says. “She’s saying, ‘No, she should be on the best-dressed list. There must be a mistake.’ I love that reaction when they stand up for her.”
But, if you were to ask Schotz what Klum’s sense of humor is like, it’s difficult for him to sum it up in a few sentences. She’s approachable, he gushes, and sometimes she has no clue that she’s being funny, then there’s the look she gives the camera and it’s hilarious, but natural. The one thing he neglects to mention is the supermodel’s looks (which may be a first for Klum).
So, we ask Schotz if her supermodel looks and resume have anything to do with her hilarious rapport with the kids.
“Zero, zero. That’s what I think makes it so good,” he says. This is not about looks. She’s gorgeous… I think her looks do nothing, except when it comes to the younger boys. They’re like, ‘Oh my God,’ but a lot of them don’t know who she is. We do a bit where we ask, ‘What’s a Heidi Klum?’ And, one kid says, ‘Oh, it’s a hairy toad.’ They have no idea.”
“Seriously Funny Kids” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. on Lifetime.
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