being elmo sundance gi Sesame Street gets the Sundance treatment with 'Being Elmo'We’d be hard pressed to find anyone these days who isn’t familiar with “Sesame Street’s” furry, red monster Elmo. Yet many people have never seen the man behind the puppet, until now.

“Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey” premieres at Sundance 2011 and offers an inside look at one of the most beloved Muppets of all time. The documentary centers around Kevin Clash, the voice and the hands behind Elmo.

When asked about whether this film will ruin the illusions that children have about the character, Clash tells Entertainment Weekly “[Children] keep their imaginations for as long as they want to. Let them keep it as long as they want… Kids see me as someone who is carrying their friend. They’re not looking at me.”

Director Constance Marks says that watching Clash morph into Elmo is something she will never tire of seeing.

“Watching Kevin ad-lib without a script, I could do it 24/7. Whenever I see it, he’s just wickedly funny,” she says. “It’s joyous and surprising and irreverent and hysterical. It’s a great thing to behold.”

Check out this clip of Clash, Marks and of course, Elmo, on the Sundance red carpet — and just try to keep a straight face.

It’s charming, endearing and goofy at the same time. Plus, hearing Clash switch between his natural voice and Elmo’s is incredible.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci