The geniuses at “Sesame Street” have once again parodied pop culture. This time, Cookie Monster seeks a recipe in a “Lord of the Rings” parody, “Lord of the Crumbs.” The result is both educational and hilarious.

Cookie stars in this video as Gobble, a monster who has lost the recipe for his “precious” — cookies. Fortunately for Gobble, a fairy (aka, “Crazy Light Lady”) brings him supplies and inspires the monster to get baking.

Because this is “Sesame Street,” there are of course educational benefits to “Lord of the Crumbs.” In addition to the “delayed gratification” message featured throughout, the video can also teach kids about rhymes, addition and subtraction, counting and vocabulary.

Mostly, however, this is just a lot of fun. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Gobble is supposed to bake his recipe in “the fires of Mount Crumb,” otherwise known as the oven.
  • When Gobble begins to war with himself about waiting for cookies vs. eating eggs, his imaginary self points out what should be obvious: “You having conversation with self right now.”
  • “Music means me did it!” Cookie Monster understands how things work in entertainment.
  • Gobble’s response to the Gandalf character is priceless: “Boy, you dramatic.”
  • “‘Lord of the Crumbs’: Wait for it this summer.” Best tagline ever.

Posted by:Laurel Brown