muppets spider monster 'Sesame Street' takes on 'Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark': Meet 'Spider Monster'“Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” finally has its official opening (no, really) this week, so it’s time for a fresh round of jokes about the long-long-long-delayed Broadway show’s myriad production problems.

That’s good news. The show hasn’t really made headlines in the past couple months, and we were kind of missing it as both the butt of easy jokes and a morbidly fascinating case of reach exceeding grasp by a long shot. Even better news: One of those jokes comes from “Sesame Street.”

The Muppet take on the many issues that have plagued the show is below, with Grover playing the part of “Spider-Monster” and a large orange blob in wraparound sunglasses as Bono.

We’ve been in the tank for these Muppet parody videos for a long time, and this one just adds to our love. It’s maybe not on the level of “Bohemian Rhapsody” or “Special Letters Unit,” but it’s still pretty darn funny.

Take a look:

Posted by:Rick Porter