Birdwalk-Empire-Sesame-Street-Boardwalk-Empire.jpg“Sesame Street” has released a cute spoof of “Boardwalk Empire,” featuring two puppet gangs going “beak to beak on the birdwalk” over a preferred method of quacking, clucking and flapping.

Frank Oz and co. voice the birds, who have clever names like Nucky Ducky Thompson, Clucky Luciano, Mallard Capone and Agent Van Cuckoo (who — unlike Michael Shannon’s unhinged Van Alden in the HBO series — teaches an important lesson in compromise). The parody is complete with kid-friendly vernacular, like a “beakeasy” and “this cluck.” And instead of empty liquor bottles washing ashore in the clip’s intro, it’s packages of saltine crackers.

This isn’t the first grown-up show that Sesame Street has parodied (they’ve also done “True Blood” and “Mad Men”). Now, when will they get around to doing “Breaking Bad”?

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady