seth macfarlane ryan lochte snl Seth MacFarlane goofs on Ryan Lochte on ' Saturday Night Live': 'It feels so weird to be dry'Host Seth MacFarlane entertained with a number of amazing impressions during “Saturday Night Live’s” impressive premiere, but he made the biggest splash as laidback Olympic gold medalist swimmer Ryan Lochte.

Introduced by Seth Meyers on “Weekend Update” to review the new fall shows, MacFarlane said of his exciting summer: “I was America in Olympics.”
Wearing a track suit and gold medals, MacFarlane’s Lochte said he was most excited about “Monkey Hospital” (confusing the title of NBC’s “Animal Practice,” which features Crystal the Monkey).

” It’s so funny. It’s not fair they give all the best lines to the monkey. I give it three swims.” (Out of three.)

“I’m really excited about that show “‘Goon,'” he continued. When Meyers pointed out that it’s actually called “Go On,” MacFarlane said, “Either way it looks really go-od” (pronouncing it “go odd”). 

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“Seth, do you want to know a secret?” MacFarlane asked. “If you hold your ear up to my ear you can hear the ocean…Oh man it feels so weird to be dry.”

What do you think: Did the “Family Guy” funnyman swim away with the title of best Lochte impression ever?

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