nasim padrid seth meyers snl nbc Seth Meyers leaves 'Saturday Night Live': Relive his best momentsIt’s on to greener pastures for Seth Meyers, as the current “Weekend Update” co-anchor and head writer of “Saturday Night Live” readies to depart his post after 13 years to take over “Late Night” on Feb. 24.

But before he does, the funnyman has one final show to see through on Saturday (Feb. 1). In anticipation of Meyers’ “SNL” swan song, it’s time to take a look back at some of the shining moments from his tenure on the long-running sketch show — both onscreen and as a writer.

‘Patriotic Briefs’

Meyers’ first sketch appearance ever came in the show’s second post-9/11 show, in a bit that gently mocked the intense displays of patriotism in the following days. The star is, without a doubt, Will Ferrell and his bare behind, but Meyers gets in a few pretty funny reaction shots.

‘Harry Potter: Hermione’s Growth Spurt’

Opposite Rachel Dratch‘s miniature Harry Potter and Lindsay Lohan‘s buxom Hermione Granger, Meyers is perfect as a hot and bothered Ron Weasely who’s almost incapable of controlling himself around his recently-developed friend.

‘Really!?! with Seth and Amy’

Joining the “Weekend Update” desk first as a co-anchor with Amy Poehler, this segment allowed the two to get more cutting with their commentary than the typically lighter jokes the faux news show employs. In this bit, the first ever, the two take down Michael Vick.

‘Stefon’s Farewell’

Behind the “Weekend Update” desk, Meyers was often required to be the straight man to a rogue’s gallery of colorful characters who popped by for a few minutes of weirdness. This formula was never better than Bill Hader‘s Stefon was the weirdo making the visit. As the fey expert on New York nightlife, he and Meyers were rarely able to keep a straight face. Hader’s final episode, and Stefon’s last appearance, remains a highlight in both comedians’ time on “SNL.” It just can’t be beat.

‘Cold Open: Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton Address the Nation’

As head writer, Meyers has been responsible for some of the more memorable moments since taking over the post in fall of 2006. A conversation of his writing would be incomplete without a mention of his hilarious handling of Sarah Palin throughout the 2008 election. Tina Fey may have brought her to life, but it was Meyers who provided the inane dialogue that propelled “SNL” to the forefront of election-year commentary.

‘Girls’ Promo’

One of the standout sketches from the Season 39 premiere, hosted by former head writer/star Fey, was this parody of HBO’s “Girls.” The sketch, written by Meyers, found Fey joining Lena Dunham‘s quartet of Brooklyn hipsters as an Albanian refugee who couldn’t get behind the whiny struggles of her new friends.


When Louis C.K. hosted the show in 2012, Meyers riffed on the comedian’s FX show “Louie,” morphing the central character into Abraham Lincoln. The style of the pre-taped sketch was spot-on, putting C.K.’s Lincoln through the sort of indignities the fictional C.K. faces on an episodic basis.

What was your favorite moment from Meyers’ “SNL” tenure?

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