But things weren't always that way — a fact Jimmy Kimmel reminded Rogen of on Thursday night.

A couple minutes into Rogen's appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the conversation turned to Rogen's appearance on the show in June 2007, when he was promoting "Knocked Up." Also on the show that night was Megan Fox, who was making her first ever talk-show appearance about a month before the release of the first "Transformers" movie.

See the serious side of funny people

Since she was a talk-show newbie, Rogen related, Fox asked him beforehand to remain on the couch and help her out if she got nervous. He, naturally, agreed, and also figured he might get the customary talk show-guest kiss as she took the stage.

Or not. In pickup basketball parlance, Rogen got faced. He and Kimmel describe it better than I can, so just watch for yourselves (and look out for Rogen's nod of resignation at the moment of denial). The setup starts around the two-minute mark, and the replay comes just before four minutes.

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