kim cattrall 'Sex and the City' star Kim Cattrall doesn't pick up men in bars

“Sex And The City” star Kim Cattrall is nothing, we repeat, nothing like her “Sex” character, Samantha.
After appearing at a Harrod’s event in London, she told the “Mail on Sunday’s” “You” magazine, “I could not go into a bar and pick up a man – that is so foreign to me it’s not even in my hemisphere. I am totally insecure. That is predatory behavior and I don’t consider myself a predator.”

She is also an even better actress than we gave her credit for because we totally believed that she was typecast as Samantha.

]]>After all, she wrote an intimate sexual technique book (with her then-husband) about having hot sex and the 53-year-old was — until recently — dating a much younger man. 

But that doesn’t make her a confident cougar like Samantha. That’s just a coincidence, people.