Ashleyharkleroadplayboy_2Everyone for a naked Olympics, raise your hands!

Some observers are concerned about an increasingly revealing trend in sports marketing for Olympic athletes.

Swimmer Amanda Beard posed nude for Playboy in 2007 and again for PETA this month, and even signed copies of the photo at the Games.

Women’s Tennis Assn. star Ashley Harkleroad bared it all in Playboy too, although she skipped the Beijing Olympics.

The latest issue of German Playboy features for nude Olympic athletes: canoeist Nicole Reinhardt, hockey player Katharina Scholz, sailor Petra Niemann and judoka Romy Tarangul.

Beijing fencing gold medalist Britta Heidemann posed for the mag too, four years ago.

Do Olympic athletes have to strip for lucrative endorsements? Should they?

Before we get all prissy, it’s worth noting that in the original ancient Olympics, athletes competed in their events naked.

Check out Tony Perrottet‘s marvelous and funny book "The Naked Olympics: The True Story of the Ancient Games."

You think the Olympic Games are big now? Go naked, and then we’re talking ratings.

Photo: Playboy

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead