people mag ryan reynolds Sexiest Man Alive 2010 is Ryan Reynolds: Betty White agrees, do you?Kim Kardashian hosted ABC’s “People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2010” special on Wednesday, Nov. 17, because, in her words: “I happen to know a little bit about sexy.” [Insert obligatory sex tape joke here.]

]]>Matthew McConaughey would like to note that it’s not about who is the sexiest man on earth. “There’s life out there, extraterrestrial life,” he reminds us.) The coveted prize goes to Ryan Reynolds, who has certainly had a banner year, most notably gaining critical acclaim from his performance in “Buried.” According to the special, there’s a very complicated algorithm for choosing who tops the list. In several top secret meetings People Magazine experts analyze the public’s interest in a celebrity. The oldest Sexiest Man Alive was Sean Connery, at 59. The youngest was John F. Kennedy, Jr., who was 27 when he was chosen. Don’t expect them to go any younger. “It’s not the Sexiest Teenybopper Alive,” one exec quipped. “It’s not Justin Bieber‘s time.” So what do you think of Reynolds, who is currently anticipating the release of his 2011 blockbuster “Green Lantern,” winning? One woman who agrees with the choice is sexy man expert Betty White. “So many young men at that age are so full of themselves and so full of attitude,” she says. “He wasn’t.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie