shahs of sunset finale 'Shahs of Sunset': What we learned from Season 1“Shahs of Sunset” concluded its first season on Sunday night, after a 6-episode run as the first joint venture between Bravo and Ryan Seacrest Productions. The network has given the green light to a second season (according to star Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi), which means the cast and crew would start filming in “Tehrangeles” this summer. In the meantime, let’s reflect on some of the lessons the Shahs have taught us so far:

Persian Family Values: Drama, drama, drama
Between Reza confronting his estranged father, GG debating dollars with her dad and MJ struggling with her mother’s criticism, the series took viewers right into some of the most personal moments of the cast members’ family lives. There’s a lot of love, but even more drama to go around.

Reza is the best
Reza Faharan kept things interesting on the show when “Shahs of Sunset” flirted with reality repetition.
He had the best one liners (“Hello, I’m Persian!”), unforgettable facial hair, and the guts to go on television as an openly gay man from the Iranian-American community.

Never judge champagne by its bottle
Reza just might put you to the test.

Mike and GG: “It’s not going to happen”
In last night’s finale, Mike and GG spent some time at the gym. “People always think Mike and I are together, and I’m sure we would make a great couple,” GG commented. But Mike sat down with her and clarified that “You’re a good catch… the full package…. I want you to get something: It’s not going to happen between us.” He explains that he looks at her as a little sister, and wants her to be happy — but not with him.

Dressing to impress is an absolute must
Seriously — if you don’t, the ladies will mock you. And perhaps assault you (see: GG’s rampage in Vegas from episode 2).

Tehrangeles vocab lessons 

Joon (an endearing term for “friend”), PST (Persian Standard Time, i.e. running late), Salamati (cheers), TPG (Typical Persian Guy) — the list of Farsi terms humorous references and goes on. We’ll stay tuned next season to pick up on more.
Posted by:Elizabeth Brady