shakira the voice nbc Shakira leaving 'The Voice'? Why the NBC hit ought to keep her around for Season 5On Monday (May 14), news broke that Christina Aguilera had signed a contract to return to “The Voice” for Season 5 this fall. When the diva walked away from the show after Season 3 to promote her new album “Lotus” (which quickly flopped), it had been noted that she would only be stepping away for one season. So why would her new contract even shock? One word: Shakira.

X-Tina’s replacement for Season 4 has proven to be a breath of fresh air on the show in her inaugural season, bringing a fresh perspective to the singing competition. Whereas Aguilera often came across as though she held everyone at a distance during her tenure on the series (like a true diva), Shakira has been refreshingly authentic with the artists on her team and the coaches sitting to her left and right.

Both women have the bona fides to coach a competition about vocal ability that their peers Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez soundly lacked during their runs on those other, lesser shows over on FOX — there’s no doubt about that. But there’s something about Shakira’s presence on “The Voice” this season that has helped remove the sharp bite that Aguilera often provided. She’s softened the show, made it warmer and even more inviting. And its been all the better for it.

I’d imagine that Shakira, who only gave birth to her son Milan four months ago, wants to spend more time with her chid, and I’m sure that the ink is already dry on Aguilera’s contract, but I’d argue that something can be done to accommodate both women during Season 5.

Here’s how it works: Give Usher the boot. He’s been a welcome face this season, but he’s not proven essential. And at the same time, don’t invite Cee Lo Green back. He’s never proven to be anything beyond the crazy one with a bird on his shoulder. Bring both women back and let’s see how their different styles work as they butt up against one another.

The warm Colombian mama versus the steely, cold diva. That’s a showdown worthy of some airtime this fall on NBC.

Posted by:Billy Nilles