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Showtime’s “Shameless” finale was an endless stream of striking events and even as the season ticked to its final moments, it never took the easy road.
Frank (William H. Macy) found himself in a situation he knew he couldn’t win. It didn’t matter that Karen (Laura Wiggins) took advantage of him when he barely understood what was going on. Something had to happen to make him realize that he had made a string of bad decisions in life. Were we to believe that Frank had no moral center? Was he simply the deadbeat, drunk dad who had turned all his responsibilities over to Fiona (Emmy Rossum)? Had the producers decided he was 100% unlikeable? Obviously not. That would be too easy.
Frank spent the entire episode racked with guilt. Even his drunken ramblings tried to make sense of the fact that he had sex with his girlfriend’s daughter who also happened to be his son’s girlfriend. And it was in that last apology under Lip’s (Jeremy Allen White) window when we finally saw a man who cared about the hurt he had delivered to his son. It was under that window where we finally saw a man.
Meanwhile, Fiona had a decision of her own. After years of taking care of her siblings, Steve (Justin Chatwin) offered her an out. After all that went down with Lip and Ian (Cameron Monaghan) and the stolen car, Steve had to skip town and he wanted Fiona to go with him. 
Did Fiona deserve to live her own life after giving up so much to be there for her family? Yes. But, she didn’t. Instead, she stayed with her family. We have to admit it was the decision we wanted her to make, because we couldn’t see that family hold up without her. Yet we knew if she got on that plane with Steve, we couldn’t blame her either.
Do you think Fiona made the right choice? How did you feel about the finale?
By the way, in case you were wondering. The song that played over the last scenes was “Littlething” by Jimmy Eat World.  

And the song that played while Karen’s dad took a very final dip in the icy lake is “Long Time” by Cake.

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