shameless finale frank william h macy showtime 320 'Shameless': How low can Frank go?“Shameless” is not a show for the easily offended, as anyone who’s seen more than two minutes of the Showtime series about the hard-partying Gallagher family can attest.

But “Shameless” producer John Wells says that although the show isn’t afraid to take risks, there are definitely some things that are too outrageous even for the series. There is, in fact, a line there somewhere, he told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour.

“We’re always trying to find it. We’ve bumped into it a couple of times. There are scenes that we actually shoot and cut because we look at each other and [say] ‘Yeah, we’re just not going to do that,'” Wells says. “But we are trying to sort of poke fun at the societal inhibitions, political correctness, and there’s just that moment when you look at it and go alright, there’s a difference between trying to satirize a societal norm and actually just out of taste.”

Star William H. Macy interjects: “It goes from shameless to shameful.”

Wells continues: “We’ve found a couple of those. We found one this year that was an uncomfortable place. And then not having to do with Frank’s character, one that I just cut yesterday where you go, ‘Not only would I not want my parents to see that, or my grandparents, I actually don’t want anyone I know to see that.'”

Posted by:Jean Bentley