shameless justin chatwin tca getty 320 'Shameless' Justin Chatwin speaks to the mystery of Steve: 'He's a rogue'There is still so much we don’t know about Justin Chatwin’s character, Steve, on Showtime’s new series, “Shameless.” 

He seems to be thoroughly enraptured by Fiona (played by Emmy Rossum) and he apparently gets a kick out of the way the Gallagher family deals with the curveballs that life has thrown their way. But in Sunday’s (Jan. 15) episode, Steve’s desire to please Fiona takes a wild turn, which made us wonder about him. 
So, at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, we asked the actor just what Steve’s intentions were with Fiona and her family.

shameless justin chatwin emmy rossum showtime 'Shameless' Justin Chatwin speaks to the mystery of Steve: 'He's a rogue'

“Steve is a hopeless romantic,” Chatwin tells Zap2it. “And it was an interesting process, working on this show, because I didn’t quite know where the story was going. And it was interesting, because every single time the new script would come out, I would find something a little new about my character, where I came from, and it just gets really, really, really complicated with my character.”
It’s clear that Steve comes from a wealthy background and we’re looking forward to finding out what his upbringing was like and if he’s playing out some “poor little rich boy” issues out with the Gallagers. In the meantime, Chatwin assures us that his intentions are good.
“In the end, he’s a rogue that’s madly in love with Fiona,” he says. “And it’s almost like he’s seen the future, and he knows he’s going to be with her. No matter what she does, he will still constantly be pursuing her and constantly be there for her.”
To which, Rossum adds, “We’ll see about that.”
What are your thoughts on Steve?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog