emmy rossum shameless s2 'Shameless' Season 2 finale: Enough drama for the Gallaghers?After so many fights, suicide attempts, babies and a soap opera’s worth of betrayals, Showtime’s “Shameless” seemed to end its second season on a more low-key note.

Obviously, there were still a few shockers — Monica once again abandoned her family, and Lip’s older businessman tryst partner turned out to be Steve/Jimmy’s father — but those seemed more like everyday drama for the Gallaghers, not the stuff of cliffhanger season finales.

Overall, Season 2 seemed like a more emotional season for the perpetually down-on-their-luck Chicago family. Lip’s arc especially was pretty heartbreaking, as he continued to let Karen manipulate him (and the kid wasn’t even his). And Monica made her late-in-the-season entry into the “messing everything up for her children” sweepstakes in a tragic storyline that ended in her suicide attempt but also gave us plenty more insight into the messed up Gallagher family dynamics.

Emmy Rossum once again stood out as the glue that holds her family together. Fingers crossed for a much-deserved Emmy nod for the underrated actress.

What did you think of the “Shameless” Season 2 finale? Were you expecting a little more action, or did you appreciate the more understated approach? What was your favorite part of Season 2?

Posted by:Jean Bentley