shameless 402 recap 'Shameless' Season 4, Episode 2: Fiona's road rage and Frank's dying liver

Now that Fiona (Emmy Rossum) is a professional and Frank (William H. Macy) is bed-ridden, life on “Shameless” continues to evolve. The family has health insurance now, Fiona is being sent on business trips and Frank is desperate to get alcohol into his system, one way or another.
The problem with Frank is his liver is failing and it’s becoming very noticeable. Either he needs to get a new one or he dies. Unfortunately for him, Fiona is the only blood type match in the Gallagher household and she’s determined to not hand it over so he can ruin it just like he did his own.
That leads the the episode’s biggest revelation: there’s another Gallagher child. Frank says he’ll get his other daughter to donate, Samantha, his eldest. With Lip and Ian out of the picture for now, it looks like another Gallagher is heading to the show. Since the kids don’t know about her, chances are she’s been cut off from Frank the majority of her years.
In her work life, Fiona has personal problems. Her boyfriend/boss is clingy and won’t stop hounding her about calling. To make matters worse, she lies about a road rage incident that wasn’t even her fault, after some lunatic attacks her company car with a baseball bat. There’s no real reason to lie about the incident to her boss, but she seems to be having some honesty issues.

Still  sign of Ian (Cameron Monaghan), but Lip (Jeremy Allen White) is having some serious issues in college. He’s always been able to get ahead by coasting before, but higher education isn’t quite that easy. Likewise, as a freshman he’s at the bottom of the totem pole but doesn’t quite realize that just yet. He tries to score with a girl from his old neighborhood, and even his tutor (“Video Game High School’s” Johanna Braddy), but neither will give him the time of day.
Outside of the Gallagher crew, Veronica (Shanola Hampton) gets some startling news about her pregnancy. It turns out she’s expecting triplets. Including the baby her mom is carrying for her as a surrogate, that makes four kids on the way. That should make the news that Kev (Steve Howey) has inherited The Alibi Room a great thing, but it turns out the bar is losing quite a bit of money. Still, Kev has a good episode, running around yelling about his “magical penis” that is giving him triplets.

Seeing Lip off on his own is a great thing, and he’s learning that being a Gallagher doesn’t mean a lot to those outside of his neighborhood, but the more he’s away from home the better the eventual reunion is going to be. Hopefully that happens soon. After all, someone needs to keep Debs (Emma Kenney) in line.
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