shameless 404 recap showtime 'Shameless' Season 4, episode 4 recap: Frank breaks a leg, Fiona can't grow up

While the latest episode of “Shameless” took Frank (William H. Macy) and Lip (Jeremy Allen White) in arguably good directions, Fiona (Emmy Rossum) has truly lost her mind.
After somehow having sex with her boyfriend’s brother, she wound up doing it again and almost got caught. Her goal was to tell him it wouldn’t happen again, which shows just hot committed she is to ending it. Her boyfriend during the act and she hid under a table, like an adult. Once she got away with it, she let the brother know that was the last time, so it wasn’t.
Meanwhile, Debs (Emma Kenney) is anxious to have sex with her 20-year-old boyfriend. As a refresher, she’s 13. Her friends encourage her to send sexy photos to the guy, but she doesn’t like the ones she takes. So instead she texts him an image of a naked girl from a magazine. He then has to explain to her that she’s way too young for sex and says he deleted the photo.
She doesn’t like hearing that and runs away only to try to seduce a boy her age at a bowling alley. After dragging him into the bathroom, she decides she can’t go through with it and leaves. At least the older boyfriend isn’t as creepy as most would assume. Still, he’s pretty creepy.

Lip finally hit rock bottom in college, missing an important exam. It was enough to make him head home for the first time this season. His first stop was to see Mandy Milkovich (Emma Greenwell). They sleep together and he throws the idea out there that he can quit school and they can have a kid. 
Naturally, she denies the idea and sends him packing. Lip ends up at the Alibi Room where Kev (Steve Howey) calls him out for trying to be a quitter. If Lip is so good at working the system, surely he can handle college. Lip dismisses him at first, but ends up back at school, talking his way into retaking the exam.

With Frank getting the offer of a liver from Sammi (Emily Bergl), he realizes not having insurance makes getting surgery difficult. So he enlists Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) in making an “accident” happen. In a truly evil plan, Carl drugs his dad, breaks his leg and dumps him in front of Sheila’s house so her insurance can pay him off.
Unfortunately for Frank, he’s not a liver match for Sammi, meaning the broken leg is for nothing. During the rage and curse words he spews after learning that information, Frank accidentally lets slip that he’s her dad. Sammi doesn’t exactly take that news well since the pair have been vaguely romantically involved. That moment leads to Frank’s best line in the series, and maybe the best on any show ever. “Dry humping is not incest.” Stay classy, Frank.
Still, by the episode’s end, the two have mended the fence a bit and Frank is buying his daughter a beer. There may be a bit of hope yet for that relationship, at least until Frank finds someone else he can use.
In non-Gallagher news, Kev is drowning in debt with the bar and Mickey Milkovich (Noel Fisher) pulls his prostitute wife and her friends away from their madam until they get paid more. Naturally, the madam just brings in a new crop of Russian girls to take their place, leaving Mickey with an army of hookers.
Thus the beginning of a business venture. With an empty apartment above the Alibi Room, Mickey approaches Kev about a partnership. They can rent out the apartment by the hour and make them both a bunch of money. Kev doesn’t agree just yet, but chances are it won’t be long. After all, he’s got a slew of babies on the way and needs the money.
In a way, everyone grew a bit in this latest episode. They’re all moving forward in their lives. Everyone except Fiona, that is. Vee (Shanola Hampton) points out to her the terrible relationship history she has, including some unkind words for Jimmy/Steve that are not appreciated, but Fiona just never learns. She craves chaos in her life. Now that it’s not happening at home, she’s getting it elsewhere.
This was also yet another episode without Ian (Cameron Monaghan), which is unfortunate. He’s got to come back sometime. Maybe he can knock some sense into his big sister.
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