shameless 405 recap showtime 'Shameless' Season 4, episode 5 recap: Lip comes home, Fiona loses control

Who knew that so much could fall apart in one episode? The fifth episode of “Shameless” Season 5 was definitely the hardest to take, especially for how quickly Fiona’s (Emmy Rossum) life unraveled.
It all started when her affair with the brother of her boyfriend was revealed. The chaos she craves finally came back to bite her, like everyone knew it eventually would. She lost the boyfriend, but got to keep her job, luckily. Later the brother stopped by to continue their hooking up with a little cocaine in hand. 
Fiona wanted no part of it though, and sent him packing without the cocaine. Later, she celebrated her birthday with Kev, Vee and the drugs. It was a great party until she stopped paying attention to Liam and he got into the drugs. One trip to the hospital later and Fiona was arrested. It’s not exactly legal to give cocaine to a toddler, so she’s going to be in some serious trouble. That’s one way to spend a birthday. Now you have to wonder who will take care of the kids.
In the short term, it’s probably going to be Lip, who returned to the Gallagher house for the first time this season. He’s on a mission to find Ian, after the army paid him a little visit. It seems Ian, using Lip’s name, tried to steal a helicopter and is absent without leave.

After searching around town for him with Debs, including a stop to visit Jimmy/Steve’s dad, Ian is found tending bar at a gay night club and is definitely on drugs. They end up leaving him there, but he’s going to need some serious help sooner or later.
Meanwhile, Frank is oblivious to it all as he gets closer to Sammi and builds a sweat lodge to cure his failing liver. He enlists Carl’s help, who is always willing to do anything for his dad. However, he finally starts to see the truth about Frank when he fawns over Sammi. Frank sticks closest to whoever can do the most for him, even among his own children. The sweat lodge doesn’t exactly work and Frank is last seen unconscious, so Liam isn’t the only Gallagher in peril.

In non-Gallagher news, Kev and Mickey open their massage parlor above the bar, putting the Russian prostitutes “liberated” last week back to work in worse conditions than before. Still, it’s a step up for Kev and Vee, since the Alibi Room is failing miserably.
Hopefully next week will offer a light at the end of the tunnel, because the Gallaghers have never been this bad off, not even when Frank was calling the shots.
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