shameless 408 recap 'Shameless' Season 4, episode 8 recap: Ian comes home, Lip gets lucky

After Fiona finally admitted to herself and the court that she was guilty of putting Liam’s life in danger, after a stern talking to by Lip, her family slowly started coming back together on “Shameless,” at least for a moment.
Ian made his first appearance in the Gallagher house all season, though it was the new him, who isn’t exactly drug free. Still, coming home is a good first step toward getting the old Ian back.
Though he was home and, for the first time in a while, the house was full of Gallagher children, Fiona being stuck on house arrest isn’t a good thing — especially since the kids are growing up and constantly on the go. When she finds herself alone, she desperately calls Vee, asking for booze.  Her timing couldn’t be worse, as she gets plastered and burns a bunch of food just as Lip comes home with Liam.
She gets yet another lecture from her younger brother, who then takes all the kids out of the house. Debs gets dropped with Sammi and Frank, and Carl and Liam head back to college with Lip.
While there, a couple interesting things happen. Firstly, Carl realizes how much of college is parties and decides it’s cool. It would be great if he can clean up his act enough to actually get there, though Frank later tells him that’s not in the cards. That’s unfortunate because, if Carl doesn’t fly straight sometime soon, the creepy serial killer path he’s on won’t end well.
Lip also realizes having Liam in his care works with the ladies, specifically with his roommate’s girlfriend. Much to his surprise, she climbs into bed with him while Carl and Liam sleep on the floor. That’s a pretty drastic change from the beginning of the season.
Back at home, Robbie appears briefly, but gets sent away. Fiona also has a breakdown, as she’s truly alone. It ends with an early-morning call to Lip, begging him to bring the family back. After some thinking, he comes home with Liam and she’s truly grateful.
In other Gallagher news, Debs gets her first period and bonds with Sammi over it, more than with Fiona. Sammi tells her to play hard to get with her former boyfriend, which she thinks will convince the 20-year-old to date her again.
Mickey’s wife gives birth, but instead he’s out with Ian and finally admits to someone that they’re together and that he wants it that way. They end up at an all-night party, passing out. Vee’s mom also gives birth and immediately bonds with the baby. Although Kev hates the idea, Vee convinces him to let her mom raise the baby. That leaves them with two. The heartbreak on Kev’s face as he goes along with it was difficult to watch.
And of course, just because there can’t be an episode without scheming, Sammi and Frank are trying to sell Sheila’s house. Naturally they don’t have Sheila’s permission and they aren’t actually selling it, just convincing suckers to give them money under the ruse of buying a house. Stay cool, Frank.
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