shameless 412 recap 'Shameless' Season 4 finale 'Lazarus' recap: Guess who's not dead after all?

Well, that certainly was a shock to end “Shameless” Season 4. Jimmy/Steve is alive and well. After what viewers thought was his death at the end of Season 3, the has been practically no mention of Fiona’s former boyfriend, Jimmy/Steve.
That’s done now. Not only is he back, but he’s got a new name. A mid-credits scene reintroduced the world to Jimmy/Steve/Jack. Where has he been? What will he think about Fiona the convicted felon? Who knows, but it’s something that will keep fans on pins and needles until Season 5. Obviously, he still has Fiona in mind. Why else would he go to her house? 
As for everything else, lots of things were tied in a neat little bow. Fiona was released from prison after passing a test set up by her parole officer. Someone tempted her with drugs and she didn’t take them. Magically, that gets her out of jail. Her P.O. set her up with a job and a boss who will go with her to N.A. meetings. That boss? Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Hopefully h’s back again next season.
Lip went even deeper with Amanda. Their fake relationship is becoming oddly real with her buying him nice things and taking him to sorority ceremonies. Meanwhile, Carl is single again. Bonnie and her siblings simply disappeared into the night, leaving no trace behind.
Frank has awoken from his delirium and it surprised to find out he’s married to Sheila. Before he can figure out exactly what’s going on, she more or less kicks Sammi out of his life. It doesn’t help that her adopting the Native American kids fell through. Now she needs a project and it sounds like it’s Frank. Sammi fights back, moving her trailer to the vacant lot next to Sheila’s house. That’ll teach her.
The other big news came in the form of Mickey and Ian. First and foremost, Mickey went back to the Alibi Room for the first time since coming out of the closet. While he’s initially afraid of the response he’ll get, the guys at the bar are very supportive, listing off every notable and important homosexual they can think of. In the end, Kev sums it up best: “No one gives a s*** who you bang, let me buy you a beer.”
Ian didn’t have the same good week. It’s revealed that his bizarre actions this season may not be because of drugs. Instead, it looks like he’s suffering from bipolar disorder, something his mom had. Fiona wants to take him to the hospital, but Mickey fiercely opposes that idea. Ian is his family and he needs to help him.
In a bit of a surprise, the episode ends with Frank going back to booze and screaming at God that nothing can kill him. Then, in a heartbreaking moment, he hands his bottle to Carl to try. Hopefully, this isn’t the beginning of Frank 2.0.
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