cameron monaghan noel fisher showtime 'Shameless' Season 5 finale kills off the show's best relationship

A lot happened during the Season 5 finale of “Shameless.” Bianca (Bojana Novakovic) — the cancer-suffering love of Frank’s (William H. Macy) life — killed herself, Lip (Jeremy Allen White) realized he’s falling in love with his professor and Debs (Emma Kinney) seems to be pregnant. While each of those would be be standout moments most of the time, they all pale in comparison to an event that surely left fans with tears in their eyes.
After five years of love and drama, Ian (Cameron Monaghan) and Mickey’s (Noel Fisher) relationship has come to an end. After disappearing with Monica after being released from military prison, Ian finally came home during the final Season 5 episode. Unfortunately, he’s not ready to regularly take his bipolar medication, and that’s a burden he simply can’t leave for Mickey to deal with. After all, Ian doesn’t think anything’s wrong with him. It’s just the way he is.
Watching the two of them realize their time together is over — at least for now — was truly heartbreaking. The couple that’s been dubbed Gallavich by fans of the show has been one of the few beacons of hope in the otherwise depressing Gallagher world.
However, just because they are parting ways now doesn’t mean it’ll last forever. Of any two people on “Shameless,” nobody seems made for each other more than Ian and Mickey. So never give up hope that they’ll find each other again in the end.
Besides, it’s not like fans were given much of a chance to mourn the end of Gallavich in the moment. Instead the episode ended with a very alive Sammi (Emily Bergl) chasing Mickey through the neighborhood while shooting a gun at him. In a way, it’s the most “Shameless” ending an episode of the series has ever had.
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