shamrock shake Shamrock Shake going national for the first time

This is rather surprising news, as we didn’t know the Shamrock Shake wasn’t available nationally – but CNN is reporting that McDonald’s St. Patrick’s Day treat the Shamrock Shake has gone nationwide for the first time.

The green dessert is currently available in every one of Mickey-D’s 14,000 restaurants throughout the United States. The shake has been offered at McDonald’s restaurants in the month of March since 1970, but apparently only certainly locations carried the leprechaun treat.

Company spokeswoman Ashlee Yingling says the shake has developed a “cult-like” following and that it’s merely a vanilla shake flavored with mint syrup, which is where the green coloring comes from.

Something we also didn’t know (or didn’t remember) was that McDonald’s used to have a Shamrock Shake mascot – Uncle O’Grimacey, a green play on their traditionally purple character Grimace. We’ve embedded an old commercial below – hilarious. We wish McDonald’s still made commercials like that.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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