Vince Offer Shlomi, better known as the cartoonish infomerical pitchman for ShamWow towels and the Slap Chop kitchen utensils, allegedly did some chop-slapping of his own in Miami Beach last month. The Smoking Gun has all the damning documents pertaining to his subsequent arrest.

According to Shlomi, 44, on Feb. 7 he met a prostitute named Sasha Harris at a nightclub and pre-paid her $1,000 for “straight sex.” When they returned to his $750-a-night hotel room (those infomercials really pay well), the couple began kissing when Harris suddenly bit Shlomi’s tongue and “would not let go.”

Shlomi then punched Harris several times in the face until she released his tongue. He then ran from his room and to the hotel lobby where security called the police.

While both parties were arrested for felony aggravated battery, prosecutors decided not to file formal charges.

How this has managed to not come to light for nearly two months remains a mystery.

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