shania twain ellen degeneres Shania Twain on 'Ellen': 'I will sing again. Absolutely.'Country star Shania Twain stops by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday (May 12) to talk about her new memoir, “From This Moment On,” which details (among other things) her childhood abuse and her recovery from her then-husband’s affair with her best friend.

Shania: “I hope that other people relate to this. Even in finding my own
voice because it’s blocked my voice. This lack of self-expression. I
hope that through finding my own voice that it speaks for others as

Ellen: “You are helping others … I know how hard this is. I personally
feel an obligation. This fame we have a platform if we can help other
people …”

Shania: “Exactly.”

Ellen: “We can be an example and be a story for somebody out there to
have the strength and say they did it. I can do it. So you are doing

Shania: “This platform is great. It’s fantastic but it’s so much more
meaningful to use it for a deeper meaning, a deeper personal meaning.”

Ellen: “I know you said, it’s affected your voice and you haven’t been
able to sing since all this happened. So, it’s taking a physical as well
as an emotional toll on you. Do you think you will sing again?”

Shania: “Yes, I will sing again. Absolutely.”

Ellen: “We want see you sing again. We want to hear that. You have such a
beautiful voice.   The more you keep talking about it the more your
voice is going to open up and I can’t wait to hear you sing again. I
can’t wait.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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