shania cmt Shania Twain's stalker angry about denied bail: 'What a bunch of psychopaths'Shania Twain‘s stalker was recently denied bail in a Winnepeg Court after none of his family members could be convinced to take care of him. Contact Music reports that Giovanni Palumbo, who was diagnosed as suffering from bi-polar disorder as well as narcissistic personality disorder, became irate in the courtroom.

You know you’re all very sick, you really are – it’s so sad,” Palumbo shouted when the judge regretfully denied bail. “Have fun, because I’m going to keep having fun, wherever I am. What a bunch of psychopaths. Woo hoo. Shame, shame, shame. Shame on all of you!”

Palumbo did plead guilty to the stalking after Twain testified that she was terrified. He had visited her family cottage, shown up at her grandmother’s funeral, and sought her out at the Juno Awards, among other incidents.

His doctor will testify on Nov. 15 that Palumbo is responsible for his actions despite his diagnoses.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie