shania twain gi Shania Twain's testimony interrupted by alleged stalkerAccused stalker Giovanni Palumbo chose an odd time to enter his guilty plea while in court on charges of stalking singer Shania Twain: He interrupted the object of his fixation, Twain, while she was testifying against him, according to E!.

“Eileen [Twains real name], you can trust me,” interjected Palumbo in the middle of Twain’s live video testimony. “I am going to plead guilty.”

“I’ve been offended too much, your honor,” added Palumbo, a former surgeon who was arrested in March for violating an order to remain 500 meters (this is Canada, folks) away from the singer. Palumbo showed up at Toronto’s Juno Awards where Twain was being inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Before she was interrupted, Twain detailed a series of “disturbing” letters and unwanted visits from Palumbo, at both her home and her brother-in-law’s workplace.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson