Forget reps. Shanna Moakler has cut out the middleman and is telling her side about splitting with her ex Travis Barker.

The divorced couple had reunited after Barker’s near-fatal plane crash in September, but now they’ve parted because a “source” had claimed the Blink-182 drummer, 33, was done with Moakler, 34, and her alleged infidelity. The source says that she had an affair with “300” star Gerard Butler while Barker was still recovering from his injuries.

“I really thought the days of my personal relationship being played in the public eye were over,” she writes on her MySpace Celebrity blog. “Just so there is no confusion or ‘source’ to attack my character, I am saying my side.”

Moakler claims that during the time she had helped Barker settle into the hospital in Los Angeles, she had happened upon his “numerous romantic emails with MANY other woman, some famous, some I personally knew, all heart breaking,” she adds, “And the woman involved you know who you are and should be ashamed of yourself.”

On top of that, she says that other emails from Barker’s employees were sent to gossip sites like TMZ that bashed her character as a woman and as a parent, something she wouldn’t do to Barker.

“I have never verbally bashed him as a father,” continues the post. “I didn’t even bash him after the infamous blogs years ago, I have never went on different social networks and made campaigns of hate and slander. In fact MANY times I have had to bite my tongue and try to be the bigger person.”

In the end, Moakler felt she had no other choice but to speak up.

“‘No Comment’ just wasn’t [sufficient] this time when people continue to lie and distort the truth,” she writes. “The sad part is, the truth really isn’t that juicy or news-worthy. It’s sad and I wish it had been left behind closed doors. I am a human being and the bashing has taken it’s [sic] toll.”

Moakler concludes with “Hope your [sic] all happy.”

Your thoughts? Who do you believe?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen