Shannen_2 Well, it’s a good thing that Donna Martin won’t be back on "90210."

Things would have gotten ugly. US Weekly has the scoop on the storied fistfight that allegedly went down many moons ago between frenemies Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth during the glory days of "Beverly Hills, 90210."

Spelling, in her autobiography, "sTORI Telling," said the personalities of the two clashed in a big way. She writes:

"Shannen had everything, but she could be arrogant and carefree. Jennie was outspoken when she thought Shannen was out of line. Sometimes they got along, but there were explosions. Once they got into a fistfight."

"A night with [Shannen] meant going to the hottest club and drinking until the early hours. I knew she was a ‘bad influence,’ but I liked her anyway."

But now Doherty is crying foul. She tells US Weekly in this week’s cover story that things never came to blows. "We never did," she said. "I think I would remember Jennie’s fist connecting with a part of my body or a part of my face."

(Well, unless the fight happened after one of those nights on the town.)

"It just goes to show you how people will lie," Doherty said of Spelling.

Who do you think is telling the truth? Tell us.

— Denise Martin

Posted by:Denise Martin