shannen doherty fan suicide twitter gi Shannen Doherty may have prevented fan's suicide after calling policeLast month, “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Charmed” star Shannen Doherty received messages on Twitter from a fan in New Jersey who was thinking about suicide. Unsure how to help, Doherty called police in Westhampton Township and explained what was going on.

Now, the audio has been obtained by TMZ. On the call, Doherty says, “This is going to sound incredibly strange … my name is Shannen Doherty and I’m an actress. I’m on Twitter, sadly, and there is a girl that is threatening to shoot herself and she lives somewhere over there.” At one point in the call, the dispatcher even tells Shannen that her co-workers are big fans.

Officers were able to find out where Doherty’s 27-year-old fan lived, and they were dispatched to her home. According to the report, the woman was fine and said she had no intention of actually hurting herself.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie