sharon osbourne fire Sharon Osbourne: Fire in Beverly Hills home started by unattended candle

What is it with celebrities these days thinking they can leave candles unattended and not have anything bad happen? Sharon Osbourne‘s fire in her Beverly Hills mansion was reportedly started after “The Talk” host fell asleep without blowing out a lit candle in her home.

Fire fighters fortunately responded to the scene before too much damage had been done. TMZ reports that the Beverly Hills Fire Department responders passed along some fire safety tips to Osbourne that she shared for the benefit of “candle enthusiasts everywhere.”

“Please everybody always check all the candles lit in the house before going to bed. I didn’t, and at 5am this morning I was met with 5 gorgeous men from the BH Fire Department as they put out the fire in my house,” Osbourne quipped.

This isn’t the first time this week that a celebrity almost burned her house down after leaving a candle unattended. Heather Graham did the same thing when she went out for the night recently, and returned home to find her New York City apartment up in flames.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz