Get it while you’re hot! That’s Sharon Stone’s theory. The "Basic Instinct 2" star (she and her film won four Razzies last night!) made the rounds of all the booths in the On Three gifting lounge backstage yesterday afternoon. Maybe she knew the Razzies were coming and wanted some swag before no one would let her have it.
Loved watching her try and fail to use the Netflix’s Carnival Claw machine to snag a stuffed Garfield for her son. The Netflix folks gave it to her anyway. When she was done, her minion dragged a suitcase stuffed with Ugg Boots (I’m an Ugg Whore!" boasted Stone), a Palm Treo Smartphone, some Melamed Belts, Marc Jacobs plastic aviator shades, Ziamond rings and earrings, a Gertie bag by Cara Landy, a year’s free subscription to Netflix and the same 2-night stay at the Hollywood Roosevelt or the Gaige House in Sonoma that Minnie Driver snagged. More celebrity looters: Sally Kellerman, Dennis Hopper, Rachel Bilson, Christina Ricci, Robert Downey, Jr. Amy Adams, Matt Dillon, Lucy Liu, Rosario Dawson, and – oh the irony – Winona Ryder. Don’t these Swag Staffers know that they’re only encouraging and enabling her um, questionable shopping habits?


The swag suite was conveniently located next to "Elle" magazine green suite, which was actually painted baby blue. It was the place to sip and be seen backstage for the presenters and nominees. It didn’t hurt that all the nominated actresses were featured in a cool spread in the March issue. "Elle" is actually getting into the independent film world with their first film – starring Julia Stiles and directed by Zooey Deschanel – that’s based on an "Elle" story "The Dress That Changed My Life." It sounds like something that could have been written by Monica Lewinsky. Or perhaps Bill Clinton. But the Elle editors I spoke with assured me that it’s A. not about that and B. not what you think it will be, which is a sappy style saga. Far from it!


Photo Credits: Minnie Driver, who sang to the audience during the show, and Sharon Stone compare swag shopping tips on their way in and out of the  On Three lounge.
Photo Credits: "Can you hear me now?" Original Independent spirit Dennis Hopper goes wifi with a new Palm Trea in the On Three Lounge
Photo Credits: Robert Downey, Jr. ("The man who did rehab before it was cool," Silverman said  onstage) and Zach Braff do some coffee talk in the Elle green (but it was really blue) room.
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead